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Cherokee World Series

New, Growing Storybook Collection:
The Cherokee World Series
Featuring full-color illustrations

Rabbit Plants the Forest

Hardcover - 32 Pages
Full Color Illustrations

Retail - $20. USD

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Special Note:
The original Jacob paintings (which are the illustrations for Rabbit Plants the Forest) will be on display and available for purchase through the Sabatini Gallery, Topeka KS through May, 2006.

See: Rabbit Goes to Kansas Exhibit
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Rabbit Plants the Forest

* NEW *

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Hardcover - 32 Pages
Retail - $20.00 USD

Story by Deborah L. Duvall
Drawings by Murv Jacob

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press 2006


Rabbit, whose Cherokee name is Ji-Stu ... left his house in the broom grass meadow before the morning light and scampered down the forest path. The other animals elected Ji-Stu as "the Messenger" because he could travel faster than most anyone. As he followed the path to the river, he came to the home of Otter, who lived in a burrow hidden beneath the hollow of a huge oak tree. He called Ji-Stu over to show off the morning's catch of fish.

"Oh, Ji-Stu," Otter said as Ji-Stu turned to go, "today is a good day for planting. Take that message to Sa-lo-li the Squirrel and I will cook lunch for you tomorrow."


Ji-Stu the Rabbit finds himself in trouble again, when he gets a chance to help Sa-lo-li the Squirrel plant the seeds for the hardwood forest. But something else is in the forest; a mythical creature who gives Ji-Stu the Rabbit the surprise of his life!

The first storybook in our new series, The Cherokee World series, "Rabbit Plants the Forest" is an exciting adventure that takes the reader step by step through the amazing true story of how squirrels keep our hardwood forests alive.

These new stories are original tales that feature many of the same Cherokee forest characters who appear in the Grandmother Stories.